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Mimecast offers you continuous security, archiving and availability of your e-mails – anytime, anywhere.

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Cybercriminals use e-mails, which are still the central communication medium in companies. In addition to e-mail outages, new types of attacks are accompanied by financial losses, data loss, identity theft and reputational damage.

How about being protected from these IT security threats despite human error? Mimecast calls this the cyber resilience strategy: being able to work securely and productively at any time and from anywhere.

Mimecast cloud-security provides comprehensive security for your e-mails, data and employees. From multi-layered protection against spam, malware, phishing attacks and zero-day attacks to fast data recovery after an attack. With a powerful cloud solution, you benefit from uninterrupted access to current and past e-mails – regardless of location and device. This ensures smoothly functioning e-mail workflows.• Large File Send allows you to send even large attachments easily without any problems, without burdening the e-mail system or installing additional file sharing tools. The module integrates with Windows and Mac OS and is also available in the mobile app.

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Mimecast e-mail security 3.0 – powered by CYQUEO

The conventional perimeter-based security approach can no longer withstand the continued rapidly increasing e-mail security threats. Mimecast redefines e-mail security and introduces a comprehensive security concept: e-mail security 3.0.

The core of the Mimecast solution is the highly developed technology for the all-encompassing security of e-mail traffic coupled with web security, failure-independent availability and legally compliant archiving of your e-mails.

Advanced e-mail security from Mimecast

  • Mimecast’s cloud-based security e-mail gateway provides multi-layered protection against phishing, malware and advanced URL and attachment threats. Targeted Threat Protection analyzes incoming, outgoing and internal e-mails for ransomware and identity fraud attempts (CEO-fraud) to identify malicious messages in time and minimize the risk of successful attacks.
  • With its cloud-based secure messaging service, Mimecast encrypts e-mails during the entire transmission and offers additional security functions such as automatic read confirmation, print and forwarding control, and much more.
  • Mimecast also offers service level agreements with 100 percent anti-virus protection and 99.5 percent spam protection.
  • With data control and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) functionality, Mimecast detects sensitive information in e-mails and blocks their sending or receiving if it is a risk. This protects confidential data such as customer information from theft and loss. Mimecast also enables the automated insertion of signatures and legal notices, as well as the conversion of documents into secure formats such as PDF or ODF.
  • Large File Send allows you to send even large attachments easily without any problems, without burdening the e-mail system or installing additional file sharing tools. The module integrates with Windows and Mac OS and is also available in the mobile app.

Protection against malware and phishing with Mimecast web-security

  • With its web-security solution, Mimecast protects your business from web threats even before they can reach your network and your end users. Mimecast allows access blocking to malicious and non-legally compliant websites, as well as detailed file download checks.
  • Set your own internet usage policies and apply them selectively to specific users, groups, or to entire networks. The applied policies apply to users, regardless of location or device used.

Prevent cyber attacks with threat intelligence

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Powerful and GDPR (DSGVO) compliant: e-mail archiving

  • With Mimecast’s e-mail and file archiving, store the original e-mail, detailed metadata and a copy of the e-mail for instant findability. The Mimecast cloud archive for e-mails archives all incoming, outgoing and internal e-mails – GDPR (DSGVO) compliant.
  • With the Mimecast Sync & Recover solution, you recover deleted or corrupted e-mails, calendar and contact data using archive data. With triple data protection and 100 percent availability, Mimecast offers optimal security for your archived e-mails even in the event of a primary e-mail system failure.
  • Your employees get fast access to their complete archives – supported by the fastest search function in the industry: fast e-discovery with all end devices in a 7-second search service level agreement. Whether in Outlook, in the browser, or in the mobile app. As a result, your employees are able to find the required e-mails, documents and attachments themselves without the support from the IT-department. For more productivity of your teams without additional effort.

We also offer a suitable Mimecast solution for SMEs that combines e-mail security, web security, e-mail archiving and security awareness training. So that you can work securely and productively at any time and from anywhere.

All-in-One Security for KMU

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Availability of your e-mails: anytime, from anywhere

  • Mimecast Mailbox Continuity provides uninterrupted access to your current and past e-mails and attachments. It does not matter whether you are running an on-premises, cloud or hybrid e-mail system. Immediate failover and failback reduce RPO (Recovery Point Objective) & RTO (Recovery Time Objective) for your e-mails towards zero.
  • E-mails can be received and sent even if the primary e-mail system fails: in Outlook, on the Mac, as well as in the web interface and with mobile devices. E-mail functions in case of failure, including access to all current and archived e-mails and calendar entries are provided.

Sensitizing employees to risks: with awareness trainings

  • With interactive video learning modules from Mimecast awareness trainings, your employees will be sensitized to current cyber risks. How to recognize a phishing attack? How to defend against a cyber threat? With engaging humorous videos, you teach your employees the right way to deal with security threats.
  • Regularly test your employee’s cyber security knowledge with phishing tests, identify knowledge gaps and risk users in order to customize security training and adjust security policies across your company.