Penetration testing – perform vulnerability analysis

Check your IT systems against hacker attacks

By means of a penetration test, often also called a pentest, IT experts check the actual state of the IT systems against intrusion and manipulation attempts by means of controlled attacks. For this vulnerability analysis, tactics and methods are used that are used by hackers or crackers to gain unauthorized access to foreign systems.

Countering these challenges requires a team of security and penetration testers, incident response managers, forensic investigators, malware reverse engineers, security researchers. Our partners make this possible and successfully perform up to 2,500 penetration tests annually.

What is a white-box penetration test?

White-Box Pentest

The white-box pentest accesses all documents and their source code. Here, the pentesters are in continuous exchange with the developers and stakeholders. The goal is to increase the quality of the code and thereby bring the security level to the next level. In order for the pentest to be carried out successfully, an overview of the current network infrastructure and architecture is required, among other things.

The pentester needs less time for the analysis, since all information has already been provided by the client. From our experience, it takes some time to examine the source code, which varies from project to project. Basically, a white-box pentest is for any company that wants to close internal gaps, structures and increase code quality.

A penetration test should be performed once a year to close neglected or even invisible vulnerabilities and thus stay one step ahead of the hackers.

Patric Liebold , CYQUEO Management

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What is a black box pentest

Black-Box Pentest

In direct comparison to a white-box pentest, no information is provided by the company in advance, except for the domain IP address. This method allows a realistic attack scenario to be optimally staged in order to identify unknown vulnerabilities. Before a test can be carried out, several working days must be planned for research, analysis, etc.

Basically, a black box pentest gives all companies a good overview of how a hacker can compromise servers or data without permission and penetrate IT systems, which is why this type of test should be performed once a year.

What is a Grey-Box Pentest

Grey-Box Pentest

If you want to use a middle ground between all pentesting boxes, you use grey-box pentesting. In contrast to the black-box pentest, all relevant information for the staged attack is communicated in advance. The time required is significantly less and the pentesters do not draw on internal resources.

Grey-box pentesting is well suited for rapid vulnerability analysis of applications and infrastructure.

5 reasons for a penetration test

Hackers use these methods to penetrate online stores

IT managers in companies have been watching the home office hype with great concern since the pandemic began. Not only have they had to equip their employees with hardware and connect them to the corporate network, but they have also had to secure their companies against new risks.

Cyber criminals specifically exploit these vulnerabilities and thus gain access to sensitive, trustworthy and important company data. We show you how quickly unauthorized access to a system can occur and how you can protect yourself with regular pentests.

The right solutions for penetration testing

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