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Vulnerability Management (VM) identifies vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure and then closes them. This minimizes risks and maximizes security. The goal of a deployed VM is always to take preventive measures to address potential security vulnerabilities in order to eliminate cybersecurity gaps in the long term. remediate.

How does vulnerability management work? The solution leverages existing data sources from your organization. The data is then further analyzed at regular intervals to see if any anomalies are already emerge. A detailed evaluation is then used to derive further measures. How effective is such a measure? In most companies, continuous monitoring of the implemented measures is part of the vulnerability management task.

These are the components of modern vulnerability management:

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Threat Assessments
  • Vulnerability & Threat Remediation
  • Remediation Verification
  • Policy Compliance
  • Asset Management
  • Prioritization & Asset Labeling

How does a vulnerability management approach work?

We show you how to minimize your vulnerabilities.

Until now, you’ve had to deploy multiple individual vulnerability management tools for different platforms in your technology stack, and then manually merge vast amounts of disparate security data to determine what’s going on across your environment.

But now Tenable.ep delivers everything you need for a comprehensive risk-based vulnerability management solution – integrated and ready to go. Know the cyber risk of any asset on any platform at any time with Tenable:

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