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2021 Leader in IDC MarketScape worldwide for cloud security gateways

What do employees use the internet for? Not just for surfing anymore. 85 % of internet traffic in companies are applications in the cloud. (On average, a company uses over 1,000 different cloud services, jfyi!) At the same time, workforces are no longer in the office. Employees are on the go or in their home offices. Not yet spoken of their devices. Netskope completely redefines the associated security approach.

The ongoing transformation of networking and security in companies is a reality. Employees work from anywhere. Private and business applications are migrating to the cloud. Devices and access are divers. A new security approach is required. CYQUEO recommends Netskope’s cloud security platform.

Netskope combines web security, cloud security and threat protection/DLP in a central cloud-native platform. SASE and ZTNA find their way into practice with Netskope. Netskope processes 50 billion transactions worldwide every day. Rated as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Netskope is considered the leading cloud security solution for secure transformation to the cloud.

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A new concept for your cloud and web security

Traditional perimeter-centric security models no longer withstand the transformation to the cloud. In order to address the dynamic security requirements of future-oriented companies, Netskope has developed a new approach: a central cloud-native security platform. In this platform, Netskope combines the functions of Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Secure Web Gateway (SWG),Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) as well as Public Cloud Security and Secure Private Access.

With Netskope you get unprecedented insights into cloud and web usage, as well as managed and unmanaged apps. Assess and manage the resulting risks. Netskope offers extensive functionality to enforce company-specific policies for the protection of sensitive data. Detect and block malware and phishing attacks and improve the user experience for your employees on the go and in the home office, for remote offices, and branch offices worldwide.

Security for your employees with Netskope Private Access

More than half of employees use mobile devices to access company data and applications in the cloud – from anywhere. Organizations face the challenge of protecting their "road warriors" outside the secure perimeter while providing the best possible user experience.

Netskope Private Access replaces conditional cost-intensive VPN solutions based on the Zero Trust principle (ZTNA). This allows users to benefit from unrestricted and fast access to the apps without compromising the organization’s security. For the security on the web and in the cloud, Private Access is combined with additional security features such as CASB, SWG and DLP.

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More security for Microsoft 365 with Netskope

As the only CASB solution, Netskope has the status of Microsoft Gold Cloud Productivity Partner and provides additional security and data protection for O365

With DLP-functionalities, Netskope checks in real time the content of the shared text files, images or messages for unauthorized data exfiltration to avoid the risk of data loss. With additional malware detection, the risk users are identified and security threats in the cloud are blocked immediately. Netskope prevents the storage of sensitive data in unmanaged apps and/or on unmanaged devices. So that you can minimize insider threats and act in a compliant manner.

With intelligent machine learning, Netskope detects suspicious user activities in O365, such as unusual logins, or compromised credentials, quickly resolving the incidents and avoiding the threats.

Frequently asked questions about web and cloud security

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers about web and cloud security and Netskope. Do you need further information and explanations? Then please contact us.

SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is a term developed by Gartner to describe a new security concept. As a result, companies should receive all security functions completely as a cloud service from a service provider. Users can select the individual services modularly from the portfolio – a uniform user interface. Key benefits of SASE include flexibility, cost savings, reduced network infrastructure complexity, threat prevention and data protection.

SWG is a (cloud-based) solution designed to protect users from web threats and enforce company-specific policies. SWG uses technologies such as malware protection, advanced threat defense and URL-filtering, among others.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is a service or software that secures user access to applications in the cloud. CASB analyzes, logs and controls the communication between the user and the applications and is able to report and to block suspicious activities.

CASB provide insight into the use of cloud application usage across multiple platforms and ensure that communication between users and applications takes place according to the company-specific guidelines.

Zero Trust Network Access is a security concept that basically treats all services, users and devices equally and distrusts them – whether inside or outside the company network. Instead, everything and everyone who tries to access company data is checked. This means not only authenticating users, devices and applications each time they log on, but also checking their trust status during the session. If any suspicious change is detected, the granted access can be restricted or completely interrupted. In addition, every interaction is documented for complete transparency.