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The world’s most important transactions today take place via e-mail – unfortunately, not at the required level of security. Benefit from the Proofpoint advantages.

rollout even for companies with 360,000 users
leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for e-mail security
of attacks that are sent with attachments will be stopped
data points are analyzed daily from e-mail inboxes

We have been serving our Proofpoint customers in Europe since 2003

Patric Liebold , CYQUEO Management

E-mails are a gigantic security risk for companies. Today, the world’s most important transactions run via e-mail – unfortunately, not at the required level of security. Proofpoint is the market leader in defending against advanced threats and a leader in e-mail security for companies.

Proofpoint is the market leader in effectively blocking e-mail threats.

What sounds simple is technologically highly sophisticated: zero-day attacks, polymorphic (permanently changing) malware, malicious attachments and URLs – the list of modern threats in e-mail communication is long.

What about still unknown and emerging threats? This is where the particular strength of the cloud-based Proofpoint security architecture becomes apparent. Proofpoint scans over a billion e-mails every day. – Compared to conventional site-based security solutions, Proofpoint can keep up with the latest threats.

And you can get started right away: Proofpoint can also be made available to a company with 360,000 users within just 48 hours.

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Your advantages with Proofpoint & CYQUEO

Better Microsoft-365-performance with Proofpoint

We advise you throughout the entire process on the possibilities of Proofpoint in your organization: from e-mail security in general to E-Mail Fraud Defense (Proofpoint EFD), cloud real-time sandboxing and incident response to e-mail archiving with Proofpoint or intelligent linking with Proofpoint Security Awareness Training (PSAT). We advise you on the entire e-mail security complex.

Partner for your Proofpoint deployment

The introduction of Proofpoint (including all Proofpoint modules) covers the entire life cycle for us: from the entire preparatory planning to the development of a custom-fit protection concept to professional support during deployment and rollout by our certified (and experienced!) team of Proofpoint technical account managers.

Proofpoint-hosting by CYQUEO

We offer you the exclusive opportunity to have the cloud-based Proofpoint platform hosted by CYQUEO with high availability. In addition to relevant cost advantages and hardware savings, the secure and high-performance hosting offers the possibility to map the complete Proofpoint all-round service (e.g., monitoring and regular insertion of updates) by CYQUEO.

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Proofpoint is the recognized market leader in defending against advanced threats in e-mail security for companies. Thanks to its intelligently advanced security portfolio, Proofpoint is now recognized as one of the leading cyber-security companies in the world. Ask your personal advisor now.

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As CYQUEO, we have relied on the powerful Proofpoint e-mail security gateway for many years. Combined with the technologically advanced modules, the Proofpoint security platform provides the required level of e-mail security that modern businesses and organizations need today.

As CYQUEO, we have relied on the powerful Proofpoint e-mail security gateway for many years. Combined with the technologically advanced modules, the Proofpoint security platform provides the required level of e-mail security that modern businesses and organizations need today. Learn more about Proofpoint’s e-mail security solutions:

protects your company from e-mail threats even before they reach your inbox. Malicious attachments, malicious URLs, zero-day attacks, ransomware, polymorphic malware, malicious documents are detected and isolated by Proofpoint. With multi-level analysis and machine learning technology, TAP detects elusive threats that other solutions miss.

Avoid data loss by identifying and blocking e-mails containing sensitive data that are not allowed to leave your company, such as credit card details, customer data, or patents. E-Mail Data Loss Prevention from Proofpoint also identifies fraudulent e-mails and prevents data transfer to cyber criminals. At the same time, your users are informed about the danger of data leaks in real time.

"CEO Fraud" is the biggest e-mail security challenge of our time. No spam, no malicious attachments and URLs – nothing in the e-mail seems suspicious. It is the content: Fraudulent requests for payment and loss of data and assets regularly cause companies to suffer losses in the millions. This is where Proofpoint E-Mail Fraud Defense comes in for multi-level protection of your organization against e-mail fraud.

Today, cyberattacks and incidents no longer (only) focus on technical systems but rather individual employees and users. The unique "Continuous Learning Methodology" of Proofpoint Security Awareness Training represents the holistic approach of training behaviors and knowledge about IT security in companies and sensitizing your employees to the current IT security threats.

Too big, too expensive, too oversized? Not with Proofpoint Essentials™ for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Essentials provides enterprise- grade e-mail security technology for small businesses: comprehensive security with spam and phishing detection, URL and attachment analysis, data loss prevention + cloud archive and more. The solution offers scalable protection and the first-class security of the enterprise solution.

If malicious e-mails have reached your inbox through obfuscating techniques, they are subsequently quarantined for the safety of your employees. Whether phishing e-mails, or inappropriate communication with compliance violations – Proofpoint’s Threat Response Auto Pull (TRAP) uses powerful threat detection to automatically retract e-mails even if they have been forwarded to multiple recipients.

As an additional add-on to DLP, Proofpoint offers a cloud-based solution for secure and compliant sending of large files and attachments (large file transfer). Secure Share is available as part of the Proofpoint Enterprise Protection Suite and includes an integrated DLP and encryption solution, virus detection, as well as secure data exchange and tracking of access to send files.

Falsified e-mail communication to customers and business partners in the name of your own domain has serious consequences. Business E-Mail Compromise (BEC) costs companies billions in damage to their brand, image and reputation. It is essential to protect your own brand from abuse in contact with consumers. Proofpoint stops fraudulent e-mails, malware, and dangerous URLs before they reach your employees, customers, or partners.

includes all Proofpoint e-mail security solutions in a single easy-to-use platform, including phishing detection, malware and spam protection, connection management, data loss prevention, business continuity, e-mail archive, and much more. Whether cloud-based, hybrid, or on-site deployment: Proofpoint Enterprise Protection scales to meet your organization’s needs.

E-mail archiving

Proofpoint e-mail archive: Proofpoint’s archive solution

From the duty to the choice: Companies and organizations are subject to various obligations to properly archive their business communication that takes place today via e-mail. GoBD, company audits, EU-GDPR and more – in each case, legal compliance must be ensured in the archiving of e-mail communication.

At the same time, archiving e-mails is a company-critical issue (see also our blog "Archiving e-mails in companies: What you need to know in 2020"). Highly efficient handling of information is one requirement, maximum secure and scalable architecture for storage is another. The cloud-based archiving solution Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is considered a leader in terms of customer satisfaction scores.

Easy installation & less complexity

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is quickly installed without the need for additional hardware. As a result, you reduce the load on your servers and avoid high costs associated with managing your in-house data archiving and data growth.

Faster e-discovery

Search capabilities make it quick and easy to search e-mails and more than 500 types of attachments for keyword in real time. This gives you more control over your own data for compliance purposes (self-service function) and relieves your IT administrators.

Reliability and data loss protection

With Enterprise Archive’s "pull-and-confirm" method, e-mails are pulled directly from the journal mailbox and stored in the archive. This way, your e-mails are completely secure even if the network fails.

Compliance optimization & policy management

You can define the retention guidelines yourself in order to deal with personal data in particular in a legally compliant manner. The user-friendly interface also helps you manage your data storage efficiently and transparently.

Uncompromising data security in the cloud

Proofpoint’s patented Double Blind™ Key Architecture ensures that all data leaving your site is encrypted. You receive a unique encryption key and have complete control over who can access your archive.