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Play it safe – protection for your emails, data, brand and employees

From annoying spam and malicious URLs and attachments to zero-day attacks and never-before-seen malware ("advanced threats"), new threats are constantly disrupting smooth email communications.

Mistakes are human. Failure to detect email misbehavior in time can jeopardize the security of your entire organization.

From data loss to production downtime or completely paralyzed operations, to financial losses and lasting damage to reputation and image – addressing the highest possible security level in email security should be a top priority.

What about the effectiveness of your email security solutions?


Emails are sent en masse in the name of well-known brands and organizations. The damage to image, reputation and brand is multifaceted. Fraud attempts are initiated in the brand name, which have a massive impact on trust and reputation and can lead to legal disputes.

In the DACH region in particular, more and more companies are being exposed to deceptively genuine fraud attempts via phishing emails. The presentation, design and content (now in completely error-free German) of the fake emails can no longer be distinguished from genuine emails. Even the sender’s e-mail address is easily manipulated.

Whether phishing e-mails reach you – e.g., supposed e-mails from management with manipulated requests for payment, also known as CEO fraud – or forgeries are sent in your name, phishing is a risk to your business.

Im CYQUEO E-Mail-Security-Audit learn what email fraud risk exists for your organization.

Email Security Audit Request

Five building blocks of secure email communication with our free audit

Security incidents you read about in the media every day almost always start with just one email. With thousands of emails every day doing your business, just one malicious one among them and the entire operation comes to a halt.

The risk of malicious emails is known to almost everyone today, yet attack attempts via email are successful time and time again. What are the reasons for this?

In the free CYQUEO Email Security Audit you check your email infrastructure together with our email security engineers.

Find out which areas of your infrastructure show optimization potential. Together we derive concrete recommendations for action for your organization. Components of the audit are:

  • Protection against malware, spam and advanced threats
  • E-mail fraud prevention
  • Encryption and digital signature
  • E-mail archiving

We will be happy to send you personal appointment proposals for the virtual session for the CYQUEO e-mail security audit (time required maximum 1 hour).

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E-mail encryption

An unencrypted e-mail has the security level of a regular postcard: all the contents of an unencrypted e-mail pass through the Internet in plain text. They can be easily intercepted, read by third parties at any time and easily manipulated, as well as misused to damage the company.

Nevertheless, two-thirds of companies still send employee and customer data unencrypted.

In view of the applicable case law (in this case the EU-GDPR), encryption technology is considered reasonable in terms of data protection [see also the CYQUEO Practice Guide Email Encryption].

Simply doing without email encryption has not been a legitimate approach for a long time. Even channel encryption technologies (such as TLS) do not provide sufficient protection against data breaches and manipulation.

Find in the CYQUEO E-Mail-Security-Audit what level encryption and digital signatures have and should have in your organization.

E-mail remains the No. 1 communication medium – at CYQUEO, we know how you can protect your company.

Philipp Liebold, CYQUEO Management

Email continuity

Technical failures of the infrastructure or human error are possible reasons for the failure of your email system. Systems in the cloud are also affected by this time and again.

In the event of an unplanned outage, it can quickly take days to completely eliminate the consequences and ensure a smooth recovery.

Even a short outage of just a few hours can have a significant negative impact on your entire organization: Deadlines are not met, quotes and orders are not sent, etc. Applications linked to your e-mail system do not work. In addition to productivity losses, the external image also suffers, for example due to unprocessed inquiries.

What about the availability and resilience of your email? Find out in our free CYQUEO E-Mail-Security-Audit .

The right solutions for your e-mail security


Proofpoint offers a cloud-based email security solution for cyber threat protection.


Fully automated solution for email encryption and decryption.

Email archiving

Email archiving is more than a backup: it provides legal security and compliance as well as functional added value. Common email and groupware systems were never designed for long-term storage and retrieval of large amounts of data. This results in organizational, technical, economic and legal challenges.

Which emails are archived? Which e-mails need to be archived? What about internal or private correspondence? Which requirements (also in view of the EU-GDPR coming into force) apply to your organization and how are they implemented?

At the CYQUEO E-Mail-Security-Audit we show you the possibilities of e-mail archiving and review the handling in your organization together with you.