Which cyber security solution suits my company?

Selected solutions and products for your IT security

Thanks to our many years of experience with numerous customers from various industries, we know the requirements for IT security. Our product and solution portfolio is based on this knowledge: We are not bound to one manufacturer, but consistently rely on innovative technologies and market leaders who meet your requirements in practice.

A large part of our solutions is made in Germany or corresponds to German case law. We fully master all products and solutions and consistently ensure our know-how through seamless certifications and regular product training.


Today, the corporate network is the internet. Internet access must be controlled uniformly and with centralized security standards. Bandwidth allocation ensures traffic and performance as well as transparency in shadow IT.


Attacks on companies occur via e-mail. Only innovative e-mail security solutions provide you with up-to-date protection against e-mails with malicious attachments and URLs, as well as against deceptive phishing and floods of floods of spam. E-mail sandboxing has also become mandatory.


IT security is not a standard product: only needs-based analysis and individual identification of security risks round off our service. The implementation of effective measures is preceded by forward-looking and well-founded IT security consulting.

Our goal is to make the complex IT security landscape of security threats, challenges for companies and countless solutions on the market understandable to you. We are qualified, reliable and experienced in the joint handling of countless IT security projects. We are experts who understand you. We will get to the point and show the real benefits of IT security investments. What counts for us is the individual customer project, which we make as easy as possible for you.

Philipp Liebold , CYQUEO management


Mobile devices in companies stand for new mobility, but also for new security challenges. With a holistic MDM, you secure the new ways of device use instead of blocking them: user-friendly for users and admins.


Legally compliant, audit-proof and complete archiving of e-mail communication is both a duty and an opportunity for companies. Intelligent archiving solutions allow e-mails to be stored for the long term and managed highly efficiently.


Technical and organizational measures that protect the various end devices in a network from unauthorized access or the execution of malicious software.


Data exchange with business partners and customers is secure, encrypted and, above all, intuitive and user-friendly – this can be easily mapped with the use of an intelligent data sharing solution.


Inadequate overall overview, lack of resources, ever new attack scenarios: The systematic vulnerability management of your IT infrastructure becomes the key to the preventive handling of security gaps.


Through a detailed vulnerability analysis, the solution makes it possible to predict which vulnerabilities are most likely to be attacked in the near future and which measures need to be taken for the identified priorities.


Our security tests show exactly how opponents think and act. This allows us to demonstrate how an attacker gains unauthorized access to your company’s sensitive systems and data so that you know exactly where you need to spend your investment and time protecting against actual intrusions.


Enables organizations to streamline their security operations as well as move security operations to the cloud to stay ahead of threats. The solution identifies relationships between data rather than just collecting them.


IT security incidents in companies are caused by human error. From the phishing attack by e-mail to CEO fraud to negligence with the GDPR – knowledge and behavior of individual employees determine IT security. Get to know the global market leader.