Endpoint Security for B2B companies

Stop security breaches with a selected endpoint security solution

An endpoint security solution protects all of a company’s end devices from dangerous attacks. Due to the advancing digitalization and change in the IT environment, the behavior of attackers is also constantly changing. So-called ransomware attacks encrypt entire companies and damage supply chains, hijack data and render it unusable. It is not uncommon for a ransom to be demanded in the form of cryptocurrency.

Why an endpoint security solution is important

Traditional perimeters are shifting, outdated firewalls or anti-virus software can no longer withstand daily demands as cyberattacks increasingly come through the unsecured endpoint.

Get to know Falcon X

Threat Intelligence

Falcon X combines automated analysis with human intelligence to enable security teams, regardless of their size or capabilities, to stay one step ahead of the attacker.

Get the following benefits from automated investigation:

  • Take endpoint protection to the next level by combining malware analysis in the sandbox, malware scanning, and threat intelligence into a single solution

  • Reduce the time and skills required to perform manual incident investigations

  • Identify and investigate related threats and block similar attacks in the future

Get to know Falcon Prevent

Cloud Native Virus Protection

Falcon Prevent is the ideal replacement for your existing virus protection. The solution combines effective prevention technologies and comprehensive insight into hostile attacks. Setup is a matter of minutes. Simple, fast and streamlined.

  • The cloud-native platform works entirely without constant signature updates, complex integrations, or additional on-premises devices

  • The lean agent places virtually no load on endpoints – whether during initial installation or daily operations. No reboot required after installation

  • Original system performance can be reused thanks to minimal CPU overhead and end users gain productivity

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Identify and analyze your organization’s IT infrastructure and assess it for security risks, data usage, and legal compliance. Get specific recommendations for action for your organization so you can get started with implementation right away. For more security for your data and your business.

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Secure use of USB devices

Device Control

The widespread use of USB devices poses a significant security risk as they can contain threats and lead to data leaks. With Falcon Device Control, administrators can control USB devices used in your environments and reduce the associated risks.

  • Automatically provides the visibility you need to monitor how USB devices are being used in your environment

  • Allows you to determine exactly which devices are allowed or blocked, and the detailed access rights that apply to each device

  • Falcon Device Control requires no additional software installation or hardware to manage

What are the benefits of Endpoint Detection and Response?

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).

Falcon Insight provides continuous and comprehensive visibility into endpoints through detection, response and forensics. This means no risks go undetected and potential data theft is stopped.

  • Continuous recording of raw data creates unparalleled visibility

  • Proactive and managed threat hunting with comprehensive details of endpoint activity

  • The entire attack is presented in a clear incident workbench with contextual data and threat information

  • See the big picture – in real time. Provides situational insight into the organization’s current threat level and how it is changing over time

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