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Applications continue to migrate to the cloud and your employees are now on the move everywhere. Mobile devices are becoming the norm and the traditional perimeter is shifting. New standards for secure transformation to the cloud are being set to enable secure access to the web. This is accomplished with what is known as a web proxy.

To ensure secure access, CYQUEO recommends two web security solutions that follow the security approach from the cloud for the cloud to extract the best possible performance and continuous scalability.

What is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)?

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is a service or software that secures user access to applications in the cloud. CASB analyzes, logs and controls the communication between the user and the applications and is able to report and block suspicious activities.

Cloud access security brokers provide visibility into cloud application usage across multiple platforms and ensure that communications between users and applications follow company-specific policies.

With a CASB solutions, gain unprecedented visibility into cloud and web usage, as well as managed and unmanaged apps. Assess and manage the resulting risks. The solution provides extensive functionality to enforce company-specific policies to protect sensitive data. Detect and block malware and phishing attacks and improve the user experience for employees on the road and in the home office, remote offices, and branch offices worldwide.

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Get actionable insights into your cloud security vulnerabilities.

Identify and analyze all cloud applications already in use in your organization and assess them with a view to security risks, data usage and legal compliance. Get concrete recommendations for action for your organization so you can get started with implementation right away. For more security of your data and its use in the cloud.

Find out which areas of your infrastructure have potential for optimization. Together we derive concrete recommendations for action for your organization. Building blocks of the audit are:

  • Cloud applications by category, enterprise maturity and risk.
  • Usage and data movement in approved and unapproved applications
  • DLP violations and data exposure

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The increasing frequency of ransomware attacks requires new approaches to defend against them. Over the past 12 months, ransomware attacks have increased 500% via encrypted channels, bypassing traditional security controls.

Our analysis shows that cybercriminals are using increasingly sophisticated tactics, stealing data, moving undetected through the network, and threatening to publish if the demanded ransom is not paid.

Learn the 5 stages of a ransomware attack today, we’ll help you fight it.

Zero Trust Architectures

Unlike traditional perimeter-based security solutions, a new approach is needed that establishes direct Zero Trust connections between users and applications. As a scalable, cloud-native platform, Zscaler enables digital transformation by securely connecting users, devices and applications anywhere without relying on network access.

There are many cloud-based solutions on the market today. When choosing your cloud security, look for these 5 elements:

  • The solution should be developed in the cloud
  • Get inline security and fast user experience through service-edge cloud architecture
  • SSL verification protects against threats at scale
  • Zero Trust Network Access eliminates the risk of allowing remote users to access the network
  • Operational excellence


Microsoft 365 is and will continue to become the new standard in companies. The biggest challenges in the introduction and in existing O365 environments lie in the interaction between network and performance. Work with applications and files that previously took place exclusively locally now puts a strain on the corporate network.

With Microsoft’s recommendation to ensure direct Internet transitions for Microsoft 365 for high-performance access, the concept of new web security solutions stands for a significant increase in performance and user satisfaction.

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The right solutions for your web security


Zscaler is the world’s leading cloud security platform for secure transformation to the cloud


Netskope is the industry-leading cloud security platform for securing your web and cloud services. Netskope is LEADER in IDC MarketScape 2021 for Cloud Security Gateways


Proofpoint Cloud App Security Broker (Proofpoint CASB) helps you cloud secure applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite or Box.